Apply For On Campus Accommodation

At MBVTC we understand that the distance from the students accommodation to the training center should be as close as possible to avoid any form of fatigue.

Mofako Balue is in rural Cameroon, there are no taxis, buses or train systems, it’s a peaceful and very natural environment that offers the best circumstances for concentration.

There is a student residential area under construction besides the Nyeke stream. A slow moving stream with a captivating view.

From this spot to the training center is a ten minutes’ walk.

Management is looking at a possibility of acquiring a signal booster, so students can access the internet from their mobile devices while in their residential area.

All students who are not native to Mofako Balue will be given priority in accommodation availability.

Facilities will include free water (very clean pipe borne water tapped from the Rumpi hills). Food is very cheap in Mofako; a full bunch of bananas can sell for only $1.

Mobile phone signals are available 15 minutes away on the road to Ndonono.